At LRplans we are able to prepare Land Registry Compliant Title Plan at low cost with fast turnarounds.  We are often able to prepare these without a site inspection or using tools available at the desktop. minimising costs.  We travel throughout the UK.

Chartered Surveyors carry out all of our inspections and prepare your plans.  In this way we can be certain that our plans will meet Land Registry guidance and comply with Land Registry Practice Guide 40.

What is a Title Plan?

A title plan show the extent of the property that is to be transferred.  It has to be produced to a Land Registry preferred scale, the land area outlined (usually with a red line) and show the address, a North point and how the land fits into the surrounding area.  Other features such as Rights of Way may also need to be shown on the plan.

When do I need a prepare a Title Plan?

Any time you need to transfer land, amend a right in connection with the land or voluntarily register land for the first time you will need a Land Registry Compliant Title Plan.

Quote for a Residential Plan

Quote for a Non-Residential Plan