1. All of our quotes are exclusive of VAT unless we state otherwise.

2. We will always confirm our fee to you. No instruction is accepted until this has occurred.

3. Our fee is calculated based on what you tell us. If we find something substantially different on-site we may revise our quote. We will talk to you as soon as we can if this looks like it may be an issue.

4. You may cancel at any time up to 2 days before our inspection. Any cancellation after this will be subject to a charge for out of pocket expenses.

5. Any failed inspections (unless it is our fault) will incur a charge of 50% of the agreed fee.

6. The building must be safe for us to enter. You must tell us if we need to bring any personal protection equipment or other equipment (e.g. Torch) with us.

7. We will not move furniture or stock. We generally need access to all rooms. We use Laser tape measures which limits any need to move furniture in most cases.

8. The nature of our job means that we are travelling between appointments and seeing property for the first time. You should allow an hour either side of the appointment time. We are always happy to ring you when a short distance away etc.

9. Our plans are usually sent as pdf files and we provide instructions how to print without affecting the scale. No special printing equipment is needed to print. We generally prepare plans to print on A4 paper. Larger properties may need to be printed on A3 or larger. We will always supply paper copies where requested. Paper copies where the paper size is larger than A3 will be chargeable at cost as we outsource printing.

10. We will carry out any alterations free within 90 days of inspection. After that time we wall charge £25 + VAT per alteration. We always encourage our clients to look at plans as soon as they receive them.

11. We guarantee that our plans will be Land Registry Compliant. In the rare circumstances that they are rejected we will alter the plans as necessary. In our experience 95% of all issues are due to people not reading our printing instructions. Please make sure you do!

12. Our accounting terms for invoices are 7 days, unless agreed otherwise. We reserve the right to charge fee’s and interest in accordance with statute.