At LRplans we are able to prepare Lease Plans at low cost with fast turnarounds.  We are able to prepare these from sketches taken by others, or more often inspect ourselves.  We travel throughout the UK.

Chartered Surveyors carry out all of our inspections and prepare your plans.  In this way we can be certain that our plans will meet Land Registry guidance and comply with Land Registry Practice Guide 40.

We can also prepare plans for marketing particulars and carry out measured surveys.

We can prepare Lease Plans from a simple apartment to a large scale residential/commercial development.

What is a Lease Plan?

These are included within leases and show the area that is included within the lease.  Typically for residential purposes these will be for long leasehold only, however most commercial leases will require plans.  If the lease is for a term of seven years or greater then it must be registered and a Land Registry Compliant Lease Plan must be prepared.

What area should be included?

The easy answer is that any area that is to be transferred to the tenant should be included.  However it is important to give this some thought particularly with regard to external areas.  There may be avenues to redevelop at a later date and as such Landlords may want to retain some areas of land.  Other areas that often need careful thought including communal areas or rights of way.

Quote for a Non-Residential Plan

Quote for a Residential Plan